Moor Mother [Don Giovanni Records / USA]

Moor Mother is the viscerally charged output of Philadelphia based interdisciplinary artist and activist Camae Ayewa, who fought her way out of the projects – and is now using poetry, music and ‘DIY time travel’ to build a better future for black America. Her music is often harsh and strange, projecting both the cathartic anger of punk and the expansive improvisatory spirit of Sun Ra. Using a variety of machines, field recordings, and analog noisemakers, Ayewa constructs fractured, cacophonous waves for her words of punishing pertinence to ride. Her work has been labelled "hardcore poetry," "power electronics," "slaveship punk," and "protest music." A self-described Afrofuturist, she uses spacetime-bending sound and lyricism to reformulate concepts of memory, history, and the future in an afrocentric or afrodiasporic tradition.

 Latest LP ‘The Motionless Present'
Boiler room