Lifecutter [Kamizdat / SLO]

Lifecutter creates music with a variety of guitar effects and synthesizers, avoiding and side-tracking generally accepted song structures. He cuts the sheets of meaning with an onslaught of noise, distorted beats and slight hints of melody. The deliberate direction of forceful music such as his could be traced to industrial environment of his hometown and to finding ease and release in sound exploration and distortion. He moves between analogue and digital, creating a brooding atmosphere with various industrial inputs, or sneaks up on the club dance floor and takes it down an unexpected path. The music thus goes from looping minimalism to sonic saturation, breaking down or driving onwards in fresh new four-on-the-floor forms, or casting aside conventional rhythm and pulsating in oscillation. Lifecutter makes music because he has to.

 '17 release on Kamizdat imprint Death(c)rave in full.