Igen [low income $quad / HR]

1/3 low income $quad member, 1/3 cigarette(?) smoke and 1/3 pepperoni pizza. Igor Cvitkovic spends his winters in Mostar, surviving purely on ćevapi and Marlboro whites while concocting his mixture of noise and industrial in various time signatures. His inspiration stems from all sorts of stressful and anxiety-inducing situations, so he tries to vent himself through small and cheap machines and his first album on LI$ contains just that: small espressos in large cups (ugh), brewed during saison touristique 2016/2017 and then drank 4 months later.

The dream of noise is coming together with the help of collected tips in a massive coin jar so make sure to keep a look out on more material from him as soon as he sends the last tourists home and starts wearing his favorite black shirt(s).

 Debut album on li$ in full